Multiply Closing Down by December 2012

Sigh!  Multiply will definitely close effective December 1, 2012.  Do you have a Multiply account?

Although I am no longer active in that social networking site since 2011, I feel sad about the latest news.  All my creations are posted there and it serves as my gallery site until the day I stopped updating that site.  I have been transferring my files from there to here and it's not easy - I have to do it manually literally.  I admit I have been lazy and totally neglected of doing such but now I have no choice but to fast-track the transfer.  Multiply says that they will inform and provide the users  on how to transfer files soon but since I can't wait anymore en toto making use of my time while school is still out (but not for long) in transferring ALL my files here at blogger.  I have exactly 1 week to do this and if not then I just have to do it until end of November.

Here's the latest update from Multiply dated yesterday, 09 August 2012, at 4:20pm.


This LO was done year 2008.  My son took a picture of me while I was engrossed chatting with my crafty friends at Multiply.  The LO itself is about me being a Multiplier =)


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