MWTD : Washi Tape Organization

How do you organize all your tape like washi tape, paper tape, and printed masking tape?

While I was cleaning one of the kitchen closets, I found a great case for all my printed tapes.  It is originally for aluminum foil but since all my foils are XL, it doesn't fit at all.  Instead of just throwing it I tried putting my tapes and it works!!!!  The best part is that the case itself has teeth so I don't need scissors ... I just drag and cut =)

Hhhhmmm, I know I have 6 of these cases which I bought 3 years ago coz one can buy 2 in a pack and I know I bought 3 packs.  I wonder where are the 3 empty cases now .... I bet it is somewhere down the basement.  Well, I gotta go and find coz I still have tapes to store and organize =)


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