Star Book

I bet almost all paper crafters have done the "Star Book".  It's really a cool project to make but entails patience.  I did mine a long time ago, April 2008 - I was invited to do a demo about scrapbooking.  The participants are really newbies and would love to know different things they can do in scrapbooking.  Of course I was honored to do scrap demos ... as always ... most especially for newbies.

And so I dared myself to do a STAR BOOK and in every page I showed them different ways by using different materials like stamping, dry embossing, ribbons, brads, different scissors, folding paper, making windows, using stencils.  Mind you they are really newbies as in newborn babies hihihihihihi:)

It was my first time to do a starbook and it was fun especially when it's done.  You may not find my creation impressive but it's the most I can do to give the "newbies" a blast.  When I was doing the demo, I can see in their eyes how interesting this hobby is hihihihihihihi. Looking at it now made me laugh coz it's a simple star book but then I have to consider the fact that it was for tutorial presentation purposes.  The pictures were not nicely shot so bear with me =)

I wonder if I will do another star book this year or even in the near future.  Hhhmmm, I don't think so but who knows.  I think it would be fun especially now that  I have so much tools and matetials.  Oh boy!  where is this book now? :(  Hope I can find it someday and maybe I can revamp it or use it.   We'll see .....

If you are interested to make one here's a video I found that is easy to follow =)


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