My 2006 Traditional Scrapbook Layouts

Now that  we're back in Sweden after a much deserved R&R most especially for hubby, I have tons to do like unpacking things then sorting out clothes to wash, buy needed grocery items for our daily food, then of course reviewing all the photos taken and uploading it in our FB site.  Oh boy, speaking of which, I still have to upload photos from our trips since 2009, darn!  Anyway, I have tackled most of "Things To Do" but the first thing I did upon coming home is to sit and smile while I'm in my craft room =)

Now, as I have put all the huge sea shells in a basin to wash off sea water smell, I just have the inkling to upload some projects I have done since 2006.  On this part I have to do it 2 projects a day or 3 at the most.  It makes me smile that inspite of the fact that I have not much tools and materials from 2006 till 2008, I survived creating crafty projects.  I believe one of these days ... or years I will be revamping some traditional scrapbook layouts I did by using more of my cricut cartridges and Tim Holtz dies.  That will be fun!!!!

Notice that almost all of my layouts is documenting my only child, my precious son =)

"You and I"

"Hair Comes Trouble"

"In a Baby's Eyes"

"The Kitchen Prayer" - Such prayer is my mom's and it was once hang in our kitchen in the Philippines.

"Little Boys"

"Tell Me Again the Story of My Birth, Mom"

"One Day You'll Be A Man"


"A Special Little Boy"

"Potty Training 101"

"Bath Time"

"Smiles and Giggles"

"I Love My Silly Boy"

"Eating Grapes"

"Perfect Hands and Perfect Feet"

"Mamma's Chicken Nuggets"

"Tiny Toes ... Tiny Fingers"

"I Know What You Did Last Summer"

"Imagine The Possibilities"

"Our Wishes"

"12 Reasons Why I Love This Boy"

"One Fine Day"

"My First Haircut"

"10 Days Old"

"What Matters To Me"

"What Matters Most"

"It Runs in the Family"

"Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Pool"

"Dida and I"

"First Solid Food"

"He Loves You, yeah, yeah, yeah!"

"Breastfeeding is Best for Babies"

"365 Days of Joy and Laughter"

"I'm A Big Kid"

Most of the materials I used were left-over yarns from my DMIL and a simple Scrapbook Software which hubby bought for me the year I started dwelling on paper crafting - digital scrapbooking, 2006.  I still believe that anyone can do scrapbooking both traditional and digital as long as one has a computer and a printer with lots of inspiration. 


Debora said...

Jerosha!!! es un trabajo hermoso lleno de amor, la felicito. cariños Debora

JEROSHA said...

muchas gracias, deborah :-)

franzesjoi said...

binata na si baby Joseph ate.. still guwapo!! :)

JEROSHA said...

oo nga Joy, he is a big boy now but he is still my baby and will be until i die. Will never get tired of kissing him hahaha with lots of hugs.

liargao said...

swerte ni Joseph, masipag si mommy sa documentation.love it Je!

JEROSHA said...

hahahahahahahahahhaha it's been 3 years (I think) that I haven't done any traditional nor digital layouts. Pictures are piling up :( Thanks for dropping by =)

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