Sorry? Do You Really Mean It?

Sorry, sorry, sorry.  We hear that word a zillion times  and yet it's one of the most abused words by mankind.  Some think that as long as they say sorry they have to be forgiven and that they are relieved.  But what if saying such word by just merely saying it?  I don't think it's right.  When you say sorry to someone, you must know what it means.  It is not a way of escaping a situation nor just to end the situation.

I have witnessed a lot of circumstances when one says sorry but once you turn your back, you will hear from someone's mouth that the culprit says bad things about you.  Why can't just everyone say "SORRY" then cased closed?

I never say sorry when I know that I did not do anything wrong.

I can easily say sorry with all my heart on the spot when I know I offended someone.

In some situations I just keep my mouth shut while listening ... absorbing every word ... balancing the situation ... then I say sorry BUT only if it's my fault.

I never say "SORRY" just to give pleasure to the other party.

When I say sorry and it's not accepted, I let it be - simply because I said it with all my heart.  If the offended party still refuses then it's NOT my fault anymore.  I will never ever try to win you back and in my mind I feel that it's not my loss after all ... my life still goes on.

When someone says sorry to me, I accept but I prefer that the problem be discussed and see where the problem came from or what happened that both parties felt offended.  But in some cases, the word "sorry" changes everything ... no explanations nor discussions required then back to normal - I guess this applies to long time friends.

The bottom line is:  when we say "SORRY" we have to mean it and do our best not to do it again.  It's not right to say sorry but in one's body language, you can see that it's the opposite.  This happens when someone just want to say it because that person felt it's what wants to be heard.  Not good! ... for after all ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS".


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