Have You Ever Been REALLY Mad?

I seldom get mad in my whole 44 years because it add wrinkles (lol).  Besides, in general, I'm a happy person who loves to laugh a lot.  I would say I got mad ...REALLY mad 4 times in my whole life and 2 of which just happened here in Sweden.  I will not elaborate as to why and who those people that drove me mad to the maxxx that anyone can boil eggs on my skin (lol).  It took 3 days before I got over it but even up to now when I think of those 2 persons, I still get irritated.  I have forgiven both of them but I will NEVER ever forget the incident or should I say the incidents.  The problem with me is that as long as I can bear it, I will.  I'm also the kind of person who is brave enough to say what i think and what I feel.  Now, if you are a part of my circle of friends then I will bear it as much as I can but it doesn't end there.

In art journaling which I'm very thankful that I took the plunge 2011 but in full force 2nd quarter of 2012.  Yup, I haven't shown you all but I will one at a time.  With my endeavor in art journaling, I can release what I feel and what I think which in effect helps me heal a part of the wound.  Although I am very very mad I still have the heart to pray and wish the culprits well.

This is a double page spread wherein I clipped a woman's face from a beauty magazine then added washi tapes then expressed what I felt that moment of madness.  I actually did the right page first coz I was really mad then on the left page I prayed and wished her well.

I know the world is small and soon our path will cross so we'll see .......

Thanks for dropping by =)


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