Birthday Gift : Keri Smith Books

Yes!  I finally have the different books of Keri Smith =)  Thank you to my Parents-in-law who gave these books to me this morning as an advanced birthday gift!  I just can't explain the feeling I have right now =)  I'm so overwhelmed that opening each book gives me a headache to understand.  I know I have to sit back, relax, breathe in ... breathe out before I take a look on each page of each book.  Hhhmmm, I guess I can't do that this day and not even tomorrow, which is my BD, which means I will be watching a movie with my son since it is the day before the school starts.  I promised him last Sunday that we will go and watch a movie and promises made to our children has to be fulfilled.

I will definitely check out each book and give my personal opinion ... sort of a review especially for those who are interested to buy.

Here are my Keri Smith Books:

Hhhmmmm I still have few other books from Keri Smith that I would love to have but we'll see....


franzesjoi said...

happy birthday ate! nag-date ang mag-mommy.. :) nice ba ang book ate? may time ka pa ba mg-read??

JEROSHA said...

Thanks a big bunch =) Oh these books are craft books. Go check it out just google each title of the book then see what they have been doing with it. I'm just finishing some pending projects then clean my room and find a quiet time to start in one of the books =)

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