Birthday Paper Bag Album

So many pictures and it's piling way beyond my control.
Lots of ideas forming in my mind but no lust to start a project.
All I can do is jot down the ideas in my idea book and go back to it some other day.
As I try my best to recuperate this day from unwanted flu, I'm having a blast updating this craft site side-by-side with my FB personal account.
Going through my files year by year, day by day, I see lots of projects that needs to be uploaded (sigh!).  This is the prize of having a firm a decision to close one craft site of mine, thus, transferring everything here.  And now I have an inkling to create a new site hahahahahahahahha.

This project is a paper bag album I made last January 2008, and it was my first and so far the last paper bag album I have made.  It's an album I made for my son when he turned 2 which was years and years ago =)  Creating a paper bag album is fun coz I enjoy filling in the pockets.  Have you made one, too?

Some pictures are blurred coz when I took these shots a long time ago I had to breastfeed my son at the same time =)  I don't have the energy to find this album and take new shots.



 Thanks for viewing =)


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