Crafty Sanity While in Thailand

I miss my craft room and all the tools that goes with it. I'm not in the mood for any digital scrapping due to heat .... the beach ... the shopping .... and the food. In fact, I have no lust to update any of my sites like the usual way or chat with friends around the globe coz most of the time my little boy just wants to go out swimming so starting anything will totally be distracted anyway.

For emergency purposes, I packed a small cross-stitch project. I have been staring at it since we arrived at Phuket last Feb 7 and silently laughing at myself for bringing it with us. I have long give up CS for a decade due to painful memories that it brings. Well, I guess plunging into it once again will do no harm. When I say small project it's really small. I don't want to push myself creating a big one for a start ... again.

When days are really hot and Joseph is into watching films, I sit beside him and do cross-stitch. From time to time I need a breather coz tears would build up and I don't want my son to see my tears. If he does I know he will ask why and that's the part I'm trying to avoid. Explaining to him why will take a long time and I don't want him be affected by my memories.

Anyway, this day I'm so pissed off coz I did not bring some DMC threads and of course without those threads how can I ever finish my project. DMC thread is not available here coz I have searched around but maybe or should I say I bet in Bangkok they have. Going to bangkok is out of the subject coz i have to take a plane - 7am flight and have to be at the airport bt 5am! Taking the train alone all the way to bangkok will drive hubby nuts so all I can do is re-pack the project and hide.

What to do next? Well, finally I was able to buy the 4th book of Stephenie Meyers The Twilight Saga - "Breaking Dawn". Geez!, I so love Eclispe and Breaking Dawn. I have the habit of being transported to the books story and literally feel .. see ... taste what's being said. I guess I have a big crush on Edward hahahahahahahahahha. The truth is now I want to be a vampire only if I'm with the Cullen's especially Edward - maybe I can be Bella hahahahahahahahaha.

All books have been read and that reminds me of going back to Jungceylon down Patong and buy new books to read. That can wait coz tonight I will be cooking Thai food and Tum, a Thai woman who permanently resides here at Kalimbay will show me how. Yes, I know how to cook and would humbly say that a lot of people go over gaga with my meals but I want to see how Thai women cook meals upclose and personal.

We rode her motorcycle and went to the market for all the ingredients needed. In front of the market is an open shopping arcade and once again I was magnetized hahahahahaha. Both few clothes to my liking then off we went to the market.

We bought fish ... veggies ... shrimps .... shiitake mushroom ... spices =)

Dinner was served beside the pool, naturally. Our guests were coupe from Holland, Norway, us from Sweden, and of course Thailand.

Preparing the dinner was so easy coz just like my mom's cooking vegetables shouldn't be well cooked .... add Thai spices which by the way bought a lot to take home in sweden. We served shrimp soup ... steamed fish in lemon grass ... veggie with mushroom and cashew .... baked duck =)

What a lovely day and night!


thecraftyladybug said...

glad you're having a great time... and you're also a twilight saga follower, I love it, too... take care :)


Naku Jas feel na feel ko hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I read again all the books =D

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