Colors and Wonders of Mickey Mouse

Who doesn't love Mickey? I know no one. One way or another Mickey Mouse has touched the many lives and I'm one of them. He is my favorite character of all time. According to Wikipedia, Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character who has become an icon for The Walt Disney Company. Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks[1] and voiced by Walt Disney.

I remember growing up seeing Mickey Mouse items anywhere and I bought very few but never collected. I wonder where my toys are now :( I guess Sanrio items dominated my collection especially Hello Kitty.

At the start of this year, my DSIL told me that she is torn between Handy Manny or Mickey Mouse for her son's first birthday party. Both characters are a big fave of my nephew. She asked me which is better. I did not answer her immediately coz I opted of searching Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse here in Sweden. Too bad that Handy Manny is not popular here so definitely he is out. I informed my DSIL that Mickey Mouse would be better coz I have in a way tools and materials to work on it plus there are tons of images that can be found at internet.

Upon agreement I immediately started conceptualizing with all the things she'll be needing for my nephew's party. I even asked help from my circle of crfaty friends around the globe. I was so touched that they kind'a helped with this endeavor. Digital Kits, images, and ideas poured in plus the best part of all is a dear fellow crafter from Denmark mailed her Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge coz the one I have is the Mickey and Alphabet cartridge.

For the half month of January until yesterday 12nn, I was able to accomplish the Mickey Mouse Birthdy Theme Project for my nephew. Since we will be leaving for Thailand this Saturday, all handmade items should be mailed today or the latest will be Friday. DMIL called and she asked me to wait a bit coz she ordered a Mickey Mouse big toy for my nephew. We agreed that if the toy does not arrive until Friday evening, I have to mail the package Saturday before noon since our flight will be in the afternoon.

Creating the Mickey Mouse by using my Cricut Expression was a total blast. I had my bug January 2009 and it's only now that I was able to use ... understand ... and enjoy the machine. Thanks to Mickey Mouse (lol) =D

Along the way I had few problems like running out of black .. red ... and yellow cardstocks that I have no choice but to go and find in some arts and crafts stores around. Then there were days when I had no more stock of glue runner and once again had to go and buy. Whew!

I'm so glad I made all the party essentials for my nephew's 1st birthday. If only we can be at the celebration but that will be impossible coz it's birthday falls on the day we will be arriving from our winter escape.


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