Mickey Mouse Birthday Photo Invitation(s)

Project : First birthday invitation for my nephew Ryan

DSIL and DB prefers photo type of invitation to be sent to all guests. This I took with all my heart coz it's very easy to make than the traditional way. They told me they bought a new color printer so there will be no problem for them to print all the invitations they needed.

I personally like the bluish-greenish Mickey invitation than the red one. I just created 2 designs for them to choose. Got very very happy when they chose what I like most. With The Mouse in The House digital kit by Brittney of Britt-ish Designs plus my scrapbook software, I was able to design the invitation.


ninotchka said...

What a lovely smile!!!!!!!!

kidsinvite said...

I personally loved mickey! Mickey mouse party invitations is the best for themed parties!


Hi Ninotchka =D hahahahahaha my nephew has a lot of different way to smile and most of the time it drives us crazy hahahahahahaha. Thanks for viewing =)


To kidsinvite,

I do love MM, too =) MM party theme is really one of the best!!! Will post pix of my nephew's 1st bday celebration =)

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