Issue #23 The Daily Scrapper : 3D Elves Village

Geez! I had no idea that I was not able to post my project for The Daily Scrapper last December 2009 :( I was literally busy in my craft room creating holiday orders plus my party catering business.

Anyway, for the last issue of TDS year 2009, I created a 3D Elves Village. Way back in college when all my friends were mostly taking architecture and interior design, I am always amazed on how they build miniature 3D buildings. Being the only fine arts (advertising) among the group, I would watch them create up to wee hours in the morning just to beat the deadline of submission. I promised myself that someday when the right time comes I will try to create my own and of course this Christmas is indeed the perfect time for me. With Suzy Iverson (aka SuzyQ Scraps) Jolly Holiday Digital Kit, it completed the idea and design brewing in my mind.

My 6 year old son helped me assemble the village and how he enjoyed bulidng lego mini cars for the elves and adding trees around the village.

Here's a sneak peak of what I created:

To see the details and more pictures click this :


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