Pine Cones for Our Christmas Tree

Since the start of November my craft world became crazier. Conceptualizing then creating craft items for our home then started to accept christmas orders. Aside from that creating also for The Daily Scrapper plus pending jobs. On the side, during my break time, I sit and make list of my set menus for my catering business. So far, time is great to me eventhough when I put Joseph to sleep at 8:45pm, I fall asleep, to. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha. Darn! How I wanted to go back to my craft room when my son is fast asleep but I'm off to dreamland hahahahahaha. I thnaks God coz we are all healthy inspite of that swineflu anywhere in the world. Which reminds me that we need to look for a center to have us vaccinated. Is it necessary? I'm kind'a scared about the effect :(

Last Nov 18, I was able to finish one of the Christmas decors for our 2009 Christmas tree. It was fun (as always) and easy to make, promise!

Here's the main material needed. Would you believe that my son and I would collect pine cones along the way during the end of summer? It has become a habit of mine since I got pregnant last 2002. Yup! We have lots of pine cones down in the basement hahahahahahahha - different sizes and styles =D

I decided to use the not so small and not so big pine cones for our christmas tree decor this year. Will use the jumbo ones maybe for candle arrangement ... it depends on my mood hehehehehhehe.


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