And Then Came the Rain ....

It was a sunny day this morning until 2.20PM.  A great way to start the first day of school for all students, right?  Oh well, it didn't last the whole day :(  Just when I arrived at my son's school to get him, came the rain and not just rain - it's a crazy rain!  Everyone had to run and find shed.  Luckily, I got inside my son's building in time =)

My son on his way to his class which is at the other end of the school.

 Lessona I learned for this day:  Always bring an umbrella or a raincoat coz you'll never know when you need it AND don't trust too much the weather forecast!

Here's one of my art journal few months ago about rain =)

I use gesso as base then painted with acrylic paint.  Applied painted bubble plastics, cut out a picture from a magazine and adhered ... embellished with umbrella paper clips and wrote what I feel.  As for the window effect, I just used a board from one of those kiddie cards.


franzesjoi said...

wow!! basang basa sa ulan si ate :)

JEROSHA said...

Over to the maxxxx hahahahahhahahaha. Just when I decided not to wear any jacket that hour :( It was totally madness and kids who were playing at the school ground were like mice running to find a shed.

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