Hand-Made Photo Corners

Woot! Woot! This month of March is our month!!! According to my friend, Joan, it is the month were new products in the name of crafting is being introduced and that means there will be more tools and materials that we can all drool over hahahahahahaha.

I promised my friend that I will create anything as in anything everyday for the whole month of March 2009. I hope I can keep up with it coz my life is ssssssssssssoooooooooooooo busy ... as always ... who isn't hahahahahahahahaha.

Now for my first entry, I have a tutorial for all of us :D I learned this from my 5 year old son and it's awesome.

OK, we all know that craft items are very expensive but for those of us who wants a photo corner but couldn't find or maybe not on the top list of our wishlist, here is an alternative in making photo corners that adds pizzazz on a layout :D I know that some would buy a colorless photo corners and paint it but I have no time to paint and dry so I think hand-made photo corners are faster and easier plus it can match the background paper of a layout :D

These are strips of small paper I had when I tried to cut a middle portion of a card I was making.

Take one piece coz you have to this one at a time and it depends on how many you need :D

Fold one side this way ... as seen in picture :D

Fold the other end this way (as seen in picture) - forming a triangle on top :D Just cut the ends so it will be even :-)

Ok there I have done few pieces :D

Now to show what I mean, I placed 4 hand-made photo corners onto a picture of my son :D

See what I mean?

I also tried to make a real big size :D

Try it!


Unknown said...

Clever, clever , clever as always!

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