Ring Markers

Good evening everyone!

I just found this morning that effective today, Sweden is using Summer Time. Meaning to say our clock moves 1 hour forward. So, my time difference to Philippines is no longer +7hours but you're just ahead of 6 hours.

I woke up a little early today coz very early this morning when I got thirsty and went to the kitchen, naturally I passed by my craft room and noticed that all the mini lampshades I made looks so plain. I felt something is lacking. But I was sleepy so after drinking water, I went back to bed and an idea pop into my mind :D Remember the wine markers I made last year? If you don't remember just click this - http://jerosha.multiply.com/photos/album/31/Glass_Marker_using_Shrink_Film so you'll have an idea what I'm talking about.

So for this 29th day of National Craft Month, I made 3 different sets and added some beads in every ring :D
Here's how I did the rings :D
Stamp the image(s) that you like. You may color the images using colored pencils, chalks, or paint, or stamping pens.

Cut each image about 2 cm away from the image.

If you want a hole, now is the time to punch a hole before baking.

Set your oven to 130 degrees C and bake for 3 -4 minutes only. You may also use your heat gun if you don't have an oven. I have not tried using a micro oven so really have no idea how it works :( I always use oven hehehehehehehehe.

See each set below :

So easy to make and we can make our own personalized embelishments :D


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