Playing with Dimensional Magic

It's the 15th day of National Craft Month and it's a Sunday.

For this day, I would like to share a simple trick to make your own bubble like stickers. I have not much time today coz Sunday means family day and that means spending time with my DH and son :D

Ok, now let's play with Dimensional Magic :D

What is it?
From the Royal Coat site: "Take your decoupage projects to new heights with Dimensional Magic. Its clear, stay-put formula creates faux mosaic, quilt and other textures while allowing the full color of the surface below to shine through."

Starting today, I will use Dimensional Magic for artwork to have a 3-D effect (adding dimensions) and at the same time to give protection. It's fast and easy, and thick enough that it won't run plus it dries clear :D It works like a glue, too, especially for difficult items like beads or blings or charms that you don't want moving or twisting..... a drop is all it needs!

If you're considering layering your paper art with Dimensional Magic, first give it two or three coats of Modge Podge or any other handy craft glue. This will give your paper a good layer of protection otherwise it might give your paper a "wet" look. Also, make sure your paper is firmly glued down to whatever surface you are decoupaging, with no bubbles underneath.

If you want to use it on something you have printed out from your computer like wrods or titles for a scrapbook page, make sure the ink is really dry and apply very thin coat. You might want to use a thin brush to do this trick for small printed out words. I use 2 coats of Dimensional Magic to give a pebble like effect but one coat if enough though :D I just wanted a bubble like dimension in most of my chipboards.

REMINDER: Don't shake the bottle!!!! This will cause bubbles inside the tube. If you do that, bubbles will be right there in your finished product :( Keep a scrap of paper handy with every project, and squeeze out any bubbles onto the paper before you begin. In my case, I use a pin and lightly drag the bubble out of my sight.

The bottles come with a pointed tip for easy and even distribution. Working from the outside of the paper in, simply trace over your art or project until it's filled. Wait 3 to 6 hours to dry and voila!!! - You have a clear, hard glaze over your project :D

Fun and simple!

See few of my chipboards turned into bubble like / pebble like things for embellishing paper arts :D


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