Altering Tea Candle Holders Into Mini Lampshades

Good afternoon everyone! 6 more days to go and the National Craft Month is over :(

For this 25th day, I altered tea light holders that is so plain and transformed it into mini lampshade. When we went out last Sunday to look for craft storages, one thing I looked for are mini lamp shades that will fit my tea light holders. The tea light holders has never been used and was just stored in the basement. Luckily at one lamp store, we were able to find the perfect size. I heard that one can actually buy mini lampshades but it's normally out of stock.

When we got home, i took out the lampshade cover Maryann gave me made of parchment and she intricately designed it in pergamano way. if you don't remember, click here. The measurements were not exactly fitting to the "lampshade" I bought but I was able to fix it by just adding 2cm.

I made 6 lampshades by decoupaging then added bands/ribbons and it will given away as birthday gifts. We have 2 great family friends plus my dearest mother in law who will each be having a big party come 1st week of April and each of them will get 2 pieces (1 set) :D

It was indeed very nice to take a break from organizing my craft room hahahahahahahaha. Decoupage Day it was for me!!!!!

The bare essentials of my mini lampshades

Technique Applied : Decoupage


Tea Light Holder
Decoupage Paper
Disposable Table Naplin
Ribbons / Bands


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