How To Unmount Rubber Stamps

Due to limited time for me to create anything every Thursday, I decided to slowly organize all my stamps for this 26th day of National Craft Month.

I sorted out patiently all the stamps and categorized each. After doing such, I then realized that there are some rubber stamps that I prefer to be used using acrylic blocks. Don't worry, I will not unmount my collection of Stampin Up Rubber Stamps as well as the House Mouse Stamps. By just the thought of it gives me shivers in my spine hahahahahahahahahha

A lot of crafters do unmount their stamps in order to save space. There are different ways to store acryclic and unmounted stamps but that part I have to deal with later or tomorrow or within the week. One thing for sure, before the National Craft Month ends, I at least will be able to organize my stamps. I'm slow in organizing coz there's so much in my head and so many things to attend with here at home. Oh well, I guess that's part of married life ... being a mother and step-mom ... being a wife to one of the most wonderful man in the world. I say "one of the" coz I know your own husbands are wonderful, too, hehehehe.

OK enough with the blabbering .....here's what I did with few of my rubber stamps. Few because as I have said I have no intentions of unmounting all my rubberstamps hehehehehehe.

These are the stamps I want to un-mount :D

Some rubber stamps are so easy to remove from the wood, so you're lucky coz you don't have to go to the process. In my case, not all were easy so the trick is one rubber stamp is equals to 5 seconds in the micro oven with full effect. Which means, if you're not patient enough and wants to put more than 1 in the micro, let's say 3, then it has to be inside the oven for 15 seconds regardless of the size. If ever, it's still difficult to remove then another 5 seconds will do. But I assure you, 5 seconds per rubber stamp works just fine :-)
See the result of what I did:

To show you an example of not using the micro oven and unfortunately your rubber stamp is difficult to unmount :( I did this in purpose so you will see how sad it looks like hehehehehehehehehe. As compared to the left wood block, I'd rather choose the right side block coz it's cleaner. Don't worry, I used an extra rubber stamp :-) Remember don't force it when you feel that it's hard to remove. Use the micro oven instead :-)

Ok, now some rubber stamps they have a sticker like cover design on top, right? Some are really painted onto the wood like most of my rubber stamps from Panduro. Let's not force that coz it's painted hehehehehehe. Let's deal with those rubber stamps that has an easy cover design hehehehehe.

You can actually gently peel it off and save those .... stick it to clean white cardstock so you'll have an easy reference of your unmounted rubber stamps.
See the sample :

Now, how I organized my unmounted rubber stamps? Can't tell you yet coz I'm not finish hehehehehehe. I have an idea and I have actually started organizing both the acrylic and unmounted rubber stamps. Wait and see hehehehehehhehe

OK guys, it's all up to you if you want to unmount some of your rubber stamps to save space. Hoping that the idea I shared with you all will be of big help :D

Have a great day everyone!

See you all maybe later or tomorrow :D


Unknown said...

I know that to use a regular oven for polymer clay is not recommended, but is it ok to use your micro to remove rubber stamps from wood blocks? I understand there are some chemicals released when using a regular oven.


I guess one has to be watchful in setting the timer at micro-oven. Oh don't use the oven when unmounting rubber stamps :D

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