Mini Easter Baskets Using Empty Tissue Roll

National Craft Month is almost over :( I'm gonna miss the excitement of creating something or contributing something everyday. I'm gonna miss most the bonding I had with my crafty friends who are also creating for this month :(

For the 27th day of this month, I created Joseph's request hehehehehehehe. He chose the colors he like in creating these baskets plus he chose the cuttlebug embossing folder, too :DHe really wants me to create bags where we're gonna put candies for Maundy Thursday. Here in SWeden, every Maundy Thursday, kids go around and knock and ask for candies. They wear costumes but not halloween type costumes. They wear like witches instead both boys and girls. He also wants to give candies to his classmates before the Esater break. So, how can I say NO to my little boy ... almost pleading with hazel shaped eyes and super long lashes plus a sweet smile .... with hugz and kisses, too. Of course I said YES and he was REALLY glad and excited. I almost said NO coz I had to make 48 baskets hahahahahahahahaha. 25 pcs for his school then 23 will be here at home just in case kids come and ask for candies hehehehehehehehehehe :D

At first I was thinking of using my Cricut Machine plus the Tags, Bags, and Boxes cartirdge but then I know that kids are only after the candies and it will break my heart if I see my creations just at the bin. I also have to consider that I can't give them much candies coz it's forbidden in their school. Few candies I think will pass hehehehehehehehhe. So, I thought of creating a mini basket that can be filled with 4-5 candies (depending on the shape). I also used ordinary kiddie cardstocks.

The main base is empty tissue roll :D

I had to tell my son that I added a grass green cardstock to have a spring color. He chose blue and yellow coz it's the color of Sweden and that I agreed of course. I wanted to add more like stamped spring chickens and hang it around one end of the handle but he doesn't like. Maybe I'll try to ask him again next week hehehehehehehehehehehe :D

Here's a closer look of the Blue basket and Yellow Basket:

Materials :
empty tissue rolls
yellow, blue, and green cardstocks
Big ShotCuttlebug Embossing Folder (??? - forgot the name)
Scallop Round Nestabilities
Scallop ScissorCutter
Glue Stick3M Scotch Dual Applicator
Of course you can design the mini baskets according to your preferences. This is just my son's idea combined with mine :DYou may in fact cover the insides, too, but I did not coz I know kids are only after the candies hehehehehehehehehehe Besides, I just followed "orders" fom my little boy hehehehehehehehehehe :D
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