Mamma Me

Hi everyone! Yup! It's the 13th day of National Craft Month and it's Friday the 13th, too.

I'm very very busy today so I just created a simple digital layout during my lunch break.

I'm in the mood of cleaning the kitchen and at the same time do the laundry. Not much time to stay in my craft room but will try to create something soon :D Even if I have time I don't think I will be creating something today coz I just got a letter blog from my dear sweetie, Maryann Laursen, and she tells about her health condition:( Up to now, I'm very very sad and even if I want to be with her right now and take care of her, I can't coz she is in Denmark. All I can do is offer a prayer for her and hopefully a mass this Sunday. Although some of you don't know her, please say a prayer for my sweetie, please? She is in so much pain and doctors can't do anything for now coz penicillin doen's work for her anymore then there are other health issues like the bones .... hands .... and back that they have to cure so in effect some medicines she can't take for now or few months. She is ok this day but there are early mornings that she wakes up due to pain and so there are ... days that she can't be online at Multiply :( The doctors still can't figure out what's wrong :(

This is all for now :(


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