Inking with Cuttlebug Embossing Folders

It's the 4th day of National Craft Month :D Although I'm here in Sweden, I gladly joined my friend Joan from US in celebrating this month - creating/contributing anything for the sake of crafting.

For this day, I played with my CTMH few stamp pads, my few cuttlebug embossing folders, and of course the Big Shot Machine.

For tutorial purposes, I used left-over scraps that I have so I believe some papers are shorter than the usual one plus due to excitement one cardstock was not placed right inside the folder hehehehehehehe but it turned out ok anyway hihihihihihihi :D

Pictures below will show you each of the finished products : with ink and without ink :D

I so love the effect of the papers with ink(s) coz it gives a distressed look :D

Heart Blocks




Joy and Cheer

Spots and Dots

Bloom Dots

Happy Birthday

Divine Swirls

How I wish I have all the cuttlebug embossing folders hahahahahahaha.

Try it dear fellow crafters and I'm sure it will add an extra effect in every card or layout we make.

Oh I almost forgot the materials you need are shown in the picture :
Big Shot Machine
Cuttlebug Embossing Folders
Stamp Pads
Brayer (Roller)

Simple Procedure:
1. Prepare all the materials needed
2. Ink your folder with a brayer. Ink the side of the folder where the name cuttlebug is printed. In the picture above, I made a mistake of inking the other side of the folder but luckily the heart blocks gave the same effect regardless if it's front ot back side. Whew! But for most of my folders, I had to ink the side where the name cuttlebug is printed. Try it and you'll understand what I mean :D
3. Roll the embossed folders with paper inside (of course) 2x - forward then backward.
4. Don't forget to wash (plain water) your brayer and embossing folders after each use and of course pat dry with towel :D

Have fun everyone!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, they look soooo beautiful. I could really dream about such a machine too he he he. Some day ( I hope) I will get one too. All your work is sooo amazing , as always dear.
Biiiig hugs Maryann


Thanks Maryann =) How I wish you have blogger, too =) But see you at Multiply!

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