Stamping On Disposable Napkins

Whew! 17th day of National Craft Month!

I have been very busy this day .... went to the city to finally shop everything I want as I promised my DH since last week. Finally I'm over with it hahahahahahahahaha.

For this day, due to limited time I created something for my nephew's baptism celebration. In every party or gathering table napkins is everywhere, right? So, I stamped images on disposable table napkins which will be used on my nephew's party come April:D

I even played with the foam stamps a crafty friend gave me last month and I find it so cute. I wanted to stamp more but my son is really craving for mamma's attention plus my DH just got back from 2 days conference in Stockholm so he also wants me.

Anyway, next time you have a party at home, why not alter your plain disposable napkins by stamping some images on it :D Fast and easy that even kids can do it :D

Goodnight everyone!


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