Sort ... Organize ... Clean

Hello everyone! Yeah I know this is late :( We had no internet connection here yesterday at home. I tried to use the PC at the basement then I tried Joseph's PC ... then my DH's but not one of the PC's at home works fine :( The only PC working is my step-son's but he was using it ... reviewng the whole day. I didn't want to bother him coz studying is a priority. We still didn't have the normal connection the whole day and I had to wait for my DH to come home and fix it. I was able to start writing my entry this morning at my son's room then saved it. Now, everything works fine. I thought we had to buy a new laptap for me which I don't like coz I'm not comfortable with vista.

Ok, what did I do yesterday for the love of crafting this 23rd day of National Craft month?

Would you believe that I started organizing my craft space? hahahahahahahahaha I finally got to know the meaning of ORGANIZE hahahahaha. While my DH was spring cleaning at the living room I did my share by doing same at my craft space. My DH calls my room The BLACKHOLE hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Since I love you all, I want you all to laugh by looking at the pictures of my room I have taken while I was cleaning. It was really in a mess hahahahahahahahaha NO ORGANIZATION at all hahahahahahahahaha. But, I know where to get my things hihihihihihihihihi that's the most important part hahahahahahaha.

It took me the whole day to sort and organize but the truth is IT IS STILL in the process of organization. However, one of my favorites is my collection of flowers and that I can show you how I organized it. I still need to organize more of the flowers but you can see how I made use of the empty CD cases :D I have to get more at the basement!

Now, to see my BLACKHOLE in a mess,

click here :D


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