Stamping On Clay

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha playing with clay was really fun :D Making these things took me 2 days to finish due to drying time. So now, for the 18th day of National Craft Month, this is my creation :D My very first venture in clay :D After doing these things, I have something in my mind that I will be making which will be part of my traditional layout hahahahaha:)

I would like to thank Catherine of Beadazzled and Just Claying Around Sites. They inspired me to try clay and they were so kind enough to answer few questions that I have. I will definitely meet them when I visit Philippines someday :D Although my clay creations can not match how brilliant their works are, it just made me feel that I can actually play with clay and create something :D I don't think I will be able to create clay figures coz it's just not my liking for now ... all because I have no patience hahahahahahahahahahaha.

In making these clays, I only used basic materials that I have ... found in the kitchen and in my craft room. Maybe someday I will buy the real tools for clay making but for now, I can live with what I have. I decided to use Air Dry clay coz it's my first time and besides, I don't want to mold then bake then wait till it gets cold .... all because of excitement hahahahahaha. I took the short cut for now :D

Hope you guys will have the time to view what I did and leave some love and kindness coz I'm kind'a proud of what I made hihihihihihihihihihihihi.

I made 20 key holders and 8 magnets :D

I made these things as give-a-ways for my mother-in-laws 80th birthday come April. I'm so determined to try playing with clay and I was quite nervous at the start but things went well anyway.

Materials Used:

"Tack" Rubber Stamp (Tack means Thanks)
Air Dry Clay
Kiddie Rolling Pin (borrowed from my son)
Bamboo Skewers to have a margin for the thickness of the clay
Mini Wine glass - to make a round shape
eyelet puncher to make holes
masking tape so that the skewers will not move
sand paper - have to smoothen the items
key rings
magnet tape
Satin ribbons (lime green, pink, and lavander
Metallic paints (gold, lavander, mint green, and baby pink)
Scotch Dual Applicator Glue
Brown glitter powder I got from Joan when I won the card swap last year (2008)
Dimensional Magic to protect the glitter

To view how I did the clay on a step-by-step guide, just click here :D

The green key holders

The Pink key holders

The Magnets


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