Shoe Case Card

6th day of National Craft Month

This day I was able to finish the Shoe Case Card - 16 pcs, for my nephew's baptism come April. It's my very first time to make my very own template and I'm proud of myself hahahahahahaha :D Each shoe case will serve as a pocket for the mice( 16 pcs) my dear friend Maryann Laursen of Denmark made especially for my nephew :D

From the very start, i decided to use shade of green and yellow since at the time I was conceptualizing the case, the baby hasn't been born yet. Green and yellow are neutral colors so I played around with those colors in my mind. I told my friend Maryann to use same colors, too. Oh well, my nephew was born Feb 27 and it's a boy!!!!! I'm a proud Aunt and it's my very first nephew. I'm always an aunt to relatives but this time I'm a real Aunt to my only sibling's baby :D

Woot! Woot!

Now, going back to the card, I so love the card(s). I had no idea how it will look like at the end. The only isnpiration I have is the pair of baby shoes my DH had when he was a baby :D

It does look like a shoe, right?

The plain shoe case card

The shoe case card with a green mouse and the Just Rite Thank You tags I made yesterday for the 5th entry - national craft month

The green mice inside each shoe case card

The yellow mice :D

The details of the mice :D The diapers and pacifiers are awesome :D

This set is all mine hahahahahahaha. The family!!!!
Thanks again sweet Maryann :D


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