Believe That There Is Hope To Be Cured!

So many events to celebrate this month of October and as far as I can remember today is International Childrens Day .... and it's the month my son will turn another year older.  Well, worldwide, we are aware that it's Breast Cancer Awareness month, Rosary Month, Psoriasis Month, Halloween, and Eve of All Souls Day.  I remember during my HS days, every October we have the La Naval procession and being part of the Glee club we were asked to sing all the way.  But it's not what I want to talk about this time ... maybe some other day.

Are you scared of cancer?  I guess ALL of us!  We do our best to stay healthy by avoiding bad habits, eating right food even going to the gym or just plain exercising.  But the way I look at it, regardless if you are a health buff or not at some point in time one will be hit by Cancer.  Both my parents died of big C and I have a feeling that my health journal here in Sweden has a red mark simply because they believe that if parents got it then surely one of the kids if not all will suffer from the same fate.  I truly thank God that every 16 months, I'm being called to have mammogram.  I remember it started when I turned 40 then after 2 years have to do it again and my last mammogram was early this year and I was informed that I have to do it again after 16 months due to my age.  Every night when I go to bed, I wait for my son to fall asleep and when he is sleeping I stare at him and kiss him until I get tired hahahaahhahahahahaha.  As I stare at him, I ask God to allow me to see my son grow up ... successful with his career and other activities ... get married .... the chance to hug, carry, travel and play with my grandchildren ... and of course live long free from major illnesses/diseases together with my hubby.  I don't know what God's plans are for me but he knows my heart's desire and I believe he will allow me.  I can only hope and believe while I do my best to stay healthy.  Yup, it's not easy but everyday I just have to exert an effort.

Having said that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I actually wonder why specifically breast cancer" instead of Cancer Awareness Month.  A lot of people are suffering from big C not only breast, right?  It's the month where I see a lot of pink pushing.  I'm not a pink person so I never buy pink ribbons during this month or any given month.  Some people would give a lot of donations for cancer groups but reality check only a few percentage goes to the project and that's a fact.  Heniweys, I made an art journal page last 25 March 2012 dedicated to all cancer victims who are undergoing medications, chemo, etc.  as well as the family of victims.

In my heart I believe there's hope and cure for cancer.  I pray that tomorrow is that day!  Better yet I pray that there will be NO cancer at all!

Inside the pocket is a letter to God which I refuse to show since it's too personal =)
Note:  MÖJLIGT means Possible in english


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