Advent Calendar in the Making

More than a month from this day starts the Advent season and yesterday, my short free hours I decided to start creating for my son's Advent calendar.  He usually has a lot from relatives and friends ... you know the usual advent box filled with chocolates plus an Advent Calendar I created.  While at work yesterday, I had a clear picture in my mind on what I will create for him this year.  I was not able to go home straight because I needed to buy his birthday gifts.  Yeah, he will turn a year older tomorrow.  When I got home, naturally I have to wrap all his gifts first then started creating his Advent calendar.

Here's a sneek peak:

The numbers are made out of felt which by the way one can easily print out from own computer then trace, cut, and adhere using s super glue.  Afterwhich you may add stickles in every number and if you're still up to it then you may add shadows by using a gold stickles =)

I wonder if you can guess the final look of my son's Advent calendar?

Anyway, thanks for dropping by!  I'm sure everyone is super busy creating Christmas items =)


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