Confirmation Card + Envie

con·fir·ma·tion/ˌkänfərˈmāSHən/ - which means (in the Christian Church) the rite at which a baptized person affirms Christian belief and is admitted as a full member of the church.


When a client asked me to make a confirmation card for a 15year old boy, I was totally excited and at the same time nervous simply because it's my first time to make a confirmation card.  Normally i'm asked to make Christmas, Birthday, Anniversray, Love, invitations of all sorts cards.  


Do you remember the day you had your confirmation?  I do!  In fact, I have few pictures hihihihihihihihihi.  I was not 15 but I do believe I was 10 years old and it happened during my elementary days at Holy Spirit School of Quezon City.  It's a beautiful memroy .... I felt that we were angels all dressed in white and so prim and proper hahahahahahahahaha.

Hhhmmm now I'm actually confused :(  I think this picture was taken during My First Communion Rite.  Now I have to refresh my memories ... recalling my Confirmation day!


Anyway, here's the card I  made for a client =)  Thanks to New Testament Cartrdige coz it made the process a lot easier!


Thanks for dropping by!

Happy crafting everyone =D


franzesjoi said...

another beautiful card, ate!! (as aLways naman) the client will really happy for this card.. uuuy ate pretty pretty naman sa pic mo at dala mo pa jan ha...


Thanks iha! Yup, was lucky to bring all the photos and negatives I have when I migrated here =)

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