Homemade Juggle Balls (Tutorial)

Looking for something that kids can play with during autumn and winter?

Figuring out what to include in goodie bags for kiddie birthday give-a-ways?

Well, read on and maybe you will like what I created a year ago for my nephew's baptism celebration.  It was part of the give-a-ways I made for his guests during the said event.  It was my second time to make juggle balls because the first time was during my son's 7th birthday and both events the juggle balls were a BIG hit for the kids!

It's very easy, I promise =)  I assure you kids will enjoy squeezing and throwing then catching these balls.

Let's discuss the materials you'll be needing for this project:

balloons - preferably the thick ones and medium size
5th class rice or small beans or porridge rice like what I have used
small plastics
transparent tape
measuring cup

 Please be informed that the porridge rice I used is long been expired!


Add 3/4 cup of rice or beans in a plastic.  Twist the plastic to secure fillings then cut plastic at least leaving 2 inches from the twist.

After twisting and cutting the plastic, fold the flap and secure with transparent tape =)  It will not form a ball shape ... yet ... just so you know.

Once you have secured all the plastics, then get the balloons and cut!  Cut each ballon as shown in the picture.  I can't give you the exact size because some balloons have long necks.

Now you're ready to insert all the plastics filled with fillings inside each balloon =)

As you can see we need to cover more the filled balloon.  So get another cut balloon and insert it one more time.  It's best to use different colors of balloons coz it makes the children smile or better yet if you have printed balloons so much the cuter!

All you have to do now is just add a juggle ball or 2 in every goodie bag for give-a-way =)

If ever you tried my tutorial for this day, please let me know and I would love to see it.

Thanks for dropping by!

Happy crafting =)


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