Adjustable/Sliding Knot Lock Necklace

And autumn is finally here - no doubt about it :(

I'm not exactly in the mood of making any complicated jewelry since it's not my forte.  It may take tons of persuasion before I spend time really creating high-end jewelries but of course if the need arises then I have to.  Hhhhmmm having said that I made a very simple necklace (as always) and how I love the technique of the sliding lock knot and I do find the tassle so cute =)

Here are all the materials I used =)


franzesjoi said...

ang pretty ate!! d cia common ha.. love the colors :)

JEROSHA said...

Love thisn necklace I made heheheheheheheheh one of my faves actually =) I'm trying to show how I did the sliding knot lock but busy preparing for Joseph's 9th birthday =) Thanks for dropping by!

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