Ginger Bread Cookies? Nope!

Nope, these are not gingerbread cookies because these are gingerbread couples for my son's teachers which we gave away last Christmas.  Just a Christmas decoration for them to hang in their homes.

When I saw the wooden jumbo (nearly 12 inches each) gingerbread man and woman at Panduro last year, I simply adored it and bought a lot of it but played with only a few.  I simply painted it with glittered gold acrylic paint then stamped with the Gingerbread cookie recipe, also from Panduro.  I embossed the stamped image with embossing powder then decorated it with different embellishments.

 Here are the details of each couples:

Here's the stamped image of the recipe:

Here's the bare wooden gingerbread man and woman:

 I think I will be making more this year ... to sell =)

Thanks for viewing!

Happy crafting :)


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