Mixed Media Hybrid Collage: Defining Me

It was difficult to think of a unique project when the theme is Defining Me but so glad I was able to think of this project after a lot of contemplating and decision making. I could have made something that defines me as a mother or as a woman but the best part is just to define myself as a crafter hahahahahahahahahaha.

This project was specially made and was published last Nov 20 - Dec 4, 2009 at The Daily Scrapper now TDS Lifestyle.

Making a collage is definitely full of fun and challenges along the way. But first, one has to have an objective on what the collage is all about. It usually represents who you are or what kind of things you like to do and the list can be endless. With Christine Honsinger’s Clarabelles Collage World digital kit, I was so determined to create a mix media hybrid collage about me as a crafter. Everything you see in my collage has clearly defined of who I am in my craft world.

Defining Me: (As a Crafter)
Orange is my favourite color side-by-side with yellow and gold.
I’m addicted to crystals, beads, flowers, stickles, laces and ribbons among others.
Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, I scrap and craft.
I do believe in angels and when I craft I normally think of them and smile.
The world represents the feeling of satisfaction when I took crafting seriously here in Sweden – it makes me feel on top of the world and in-control. It is in this endeavor that I gained lots and lots of friends and fellow crafters world-wide.
The clock – no time of preference and limit when I scrap and craft.
During Summer I try to craft in our garden – flowers everywhere and colourful butterflies plus birds chirping around.
Digital, Hybrid, Altered Art, Scrapbooking, Decoupage, Stamping, Card Making, and Mix Media are the things that I’m so crazy about as a crafter.
The Crafter’s Creed – this is definitely me as a mother, wife, and most of all as a crafter.

 Tools and Materials Needed:
• Wooden Frame without glass – 15” x 38”
• White Acrylic Paint
• Decoupage Lack and Seal
• Decoupage Brush
• Brayer
• Dap Stick Around
• Royal Coat Dimensional Magic
• Stickles
• Waco Pearl Maker – Cream
• Color Box Pigment Brush Pad - Bronze
• Zig Millenium pens
• White Cardstocks
• Provo Craft Alphaletterz Chipboard
• Prima Flower
• Flower Soft - Spring
• Pemacc Crystal Beads
• Heidi Swapp Ghost Clocks
• K & Co Metal Alpha Art
• CChobby laces
• Tilda Pompoms
• Sense Chipboards
• Panduro –metal kite, grossgrain ribbons, wooden heart, mini bottle caps, tissue papers, crown chipboard, Sweden flag
• Philippines’ products – butterflies, pink bag, crystal flowers, wooden flowers with ladybugs


1. Decide on the size of your board frame.

2. Paint the base board with white acrylic paint and let dry. Having a white background is one of the basics in decoupage.

3. Open your photo editing software and choose from the digital kit you prefer to use as your base and embellishments.

4. Print and let dry at least overnight since decoupage technique is one of the best (if not the best) way in adhering everything plus it will make the collage long-lasting and durable. If you have no available decoupage lack, simply mix white glue with water and use flat brush for application.

5. Collect additional embellishments you have from beads, ribbons, crystals, etc.

6. Begin arranging the whole thing but be patient because oftentimes re-arranging takes forever.

7. Once satisfied, you may adhere everything permanently.

8. Let the finished collage dry completely and usually overnight drying is the best.

9. Once totally dry, seal your collage by brushing gently decoupage seal lack and let dry again overnight.

10. Remember: Don’t be scared or apprehensive in making a collage. Create however you want it for after all it is the artist in you that’s working – expressing what you think and feel at that moment under the influence of inspiration you have in your mind.


The Crafter’s Creed

I will never leave home without my camera, everyday is a potential photo op.
No scrap of paper bigger than my smallest punch shall be thrown away.
I will be there for my fellow crafters to offer help, advise or support, or just an ear for venting.
I will gently remind my family that they will thank me someday for the memories.
I will tolerate husband’s comments as to amount of money I spend for my craziness.
I will NOT point out that he has the thing for loud speakers, TV’s,
electric guitars, and other technologies.
I will not covet my neighbours stamps, punchers, dies, or markers (at least not openly).
I will plan all family vacations to places that have at least one Local Craft Store.
I will always have at least one album in prominent view at all times
should friends, relatives, and colleagues just happen to drop by.
I will faithfully measure my paper stash and run (not walk) to LCS when pile dips below 6”.
I will not show my children the floor plan I have to convert their room for crafting
until they reach adulthood.
I will take at least one picture of myself weekly so that my grandchildren will know
I was really young once.
I will be forever thankful to Mr. Kodak for his wonderful invention.
When my husband is old and gray and reminiscing through my scrapbooks, I will refrain from saying “I knew you would appreciate my obsession someday”
then I’ll snap some pics of him in his rocker!

 Thanks for dropping by!


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