Winter Lace: Snowflakes (Review)

Ever wondered what snowflakes you can cut using Winter Lace Cricut Cartridge?  I was and that's why last year I spent few hours cutting all the snowflakes in the said cartridge.  Due to intricacies of most of the snowflakes, I suggest you cut each at least 3 inches.  Otherwise, you will be frustrated cutting it in smaller sizes like what I've experienced.  Hhhhmmmm or maybe my cutting blade was not too sharp anymore so check and change the blade.

All in all I would say it's a must to have Winter Lace cartridge because the snowflakes are too darn cute!  Besides, Sweden has a winter season and oftentimes around January, we have a snowstorm so it's kind'a cute to have snowflakes around the house or on your decorations during Christmas season ... or winter season I should say.

Here are some of my favorites among the cuts =)

 Showing you 2 cuts I've made smaller than 3 inches:

Thanks for reading my review =)


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