Graduation Owl Backpack

Just a very quick post since aside from the fact that I'm busy like a bee creating invitation cards for my son's 9th birthday, I'm sick with hard cough and stuffy nose :(  It's all my fault so no one to blame - I should have stayed at home yesterday to rest as suggested by hubby BUT I just had to work due to the trade fair going on in front of one of our shops.  Haist!  Yeah, I did buy few things but at the end I just had to give up coz I felt weak after 2 hours of going around the trade fair.

Anyway, since I'm like a snail when it comes to posting projects I have made, here is one of the projects that I've never posted hahahahahahahahaha.  Found it in my pending files to be posted =)  I made this mini backpack for a teenager who graduated from high-school last June.  Inside the backpack we hid money as graduation gift.  This is not my first time to make a backpack but the first one which I did few Christmases ago was literally made from scratch BUT this one I used the Sesame Street Seasons Cartridge cut into 11" then the owl itself was cut at 3 1/2" using Straight from the Nest Cartridge.

Other materials used were XL Tree Puncher, MS Picket Fence border punch, Stickles, 3D eyes, Congratulations sticker, and a Swedish graduation toothpick =)

left side view

right side view

 Thanks for viewing!


franzesjoi said...

really cute!! love owl maybe because mukha na ako owl sa kapupuyat hahaha cute ate...


Hi Joy! I also love owls and I have a small collection displayed in my craft room. I buy whenever I see one that is to my liking. hehehehehehehehhehe we are all owls especially this time of the year =) Thanks for your never-ending support. Puss o kram!

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