A Simple Christmas Wreath Assembled by My Son

One thing I'm so happy about .... proud actually is that my son has creative juices in his brain.  Since he was 2 years old I noticed he is good in doodling ... drawing ... creating anything he can find at home or sometimes uses my left-over scraps.  There are moments when he is lazy to create hinself he would sit by my side and tell me what he wants to creat BUT the hitch is that he tells me then I execute it.

Last year, after staring at all the snowflakes I cut using Winter Lace Cricut Cartridge, he whispered in my ear that he wanted to make a Christmas wreath. And so he did!

Here's what he made - a very simple one but for an 8 year old I think it's awesome!

 I wonder if my son has any idea for our wreath this Christmas.  As for me, NO IDEA yet but it will come I know =)


franzesjoi said...

ganda nmn....hayy ate di nmn po nkkapagtaka kung creative si pogy eh may dugong jewels aretun yan eh!


Hi Joy! Minsan in awe din ako sa little boy ko eh. My golly! You should see his creations, grabe! I'm gathering all his creations from years and years ago and will post it at FB =) Thanks for leaving some love and kindness =) Puss o kram!

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