My Home-Made Glimmer Mist

I have always wanted to buy home-made glimmer mist but it's expensive especially if you buy different shades.  I was so determined to buy few bottles but a fellow crafter here in Uppsala informed me that she makes her own using perfect pearls and water.  Instead of buying I opted to try but first I bought those empty traveling spray bottles then took out my one and only perfect pearls from my drawer which I bought few weeks ago.

Before starting my day project, I browsed at internet and check out exactly on how to do it.  All the same - just mix it with water but then I have to bear in mind that perfect pearls don't have binder as compared to pearl-ex.  With the binder, the glitter will not brush off.  Darn!  I can't find pearl-ex here in Sweden :(  Alas!  I read that one can use the hairspray itself or use a glue which once again the brand is not available here in Sweden.  I don't even remember the brand right this moment.

Anyway, since I'm taking few minutes break from the birthday invitations ordered by a sweet client, I decided to make glimmer mist one in water and one using hairpsray.  This way I will know the difference and check which I like most.

Prepare all the materials needed
Fill bottle spray with water (half-filled or less)
Few drops of reinker or food coloring (depending on the brightness of the color you want to achieve)
Using an ice cream stick, take a scoop of the perfect pearls
Blend well by shaking side-to-side

Let's talk about using the water first :

Empty traveling spray bottle half-filled with water
Perfect Pearls - Gold
Reinker - midnight blue

Hhhmm, I added 10 drops of reinker and the shade is lightest blue I've ever seen but the glitter is visible

Now let's see the effect using hairspray:

Mind you I had to open the top of the hairspray just so I can get the liquid.  I don't use hairspray but I got this accidentally several months ago and I've never used it.Since I don't want to use my few reinkers, I used food coloring instead. I added 6 drops of food coloring.

Ooooohhhhhh  I love the visibility of the color blending with the gold glitter effect from perfect pearls

And here are the first batch of my home-made glitter mist.  Both effects I like but if I ran out of hairpsray I can always use water in making my own glimmer mist.  Before using your home-made glimmer mist, swirl it first.  Will do more glimmer mist when I'm done with the invitations I'm making for a client =)


thecraftyladybug said...

This is really a cool idea!


Try it Jas coz I'm very very happy and satisfied with my home-made glimmer mist =)

thecraftyladybug said...

cge, I will look for perfect pearls here or similar material. thanks, again for sharing your craft recipe :)


sige let me know if you were able to experiment using something else aside from perfect pearls. That PP is so expensive here plus hard to find. Luckily I saw 1 last stock and bought it na lang.

Carolynscrapbook said...

Hola Jerosha tambien se puede usar las sobras de colores las que usamos para maquillaje


Hi carolyn! I made new batch of glimmer mist and this time it's truly amazing =) Will post it here anytime now =)

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