My Second Blog Candy

First and foremost (belated) Happy Scrapbooking Day!!!

Here I am again to give you some treats!  Claire Langan, Joan Switalski, and I are conducting each a blog candy.  This is my second time to host such so to all fellow crafters join us in celebrating this special occasion for the whole month of May by joining our blog candies.  Don't you miss making a scrapbook layout?  I do :(  Your first time?  Then hop on to our blog candies and find inspirations.  Now is really the perfect time for us to start preserving those memories.

Here are the RULES (Read and understand carefully) :

1.  Create a scrapbook page.
  A TRADITIONAL and HYBRID (single or double page layout) is worth 3 entries.  A DIGITAL (single or double page layout) is worth 1entry.  A Scrapbook mini album is worth 5 entries.

2.  Leave a comment in this blog entry including the link to your scrapbook project. The link/entry should be dated May 1st to 31st 2010
Please type your comment/entry this way so it will be easier for me to see and count the worth of each of your entry:

     * Day 1 or 2 or 3, etc.  and state if it is traditional, hybrid, digital or mini-album project
     * LINK of your day project

      (Note:  This time you don't have to attach the link of every page you created for the day especially if it's a mini-album coz that will confuse me.)

3.  There will be 3 winners for my blog candy.  It doesn't matter where you are from.  If you get picked your prize will be mailed to you by me =) 
Entries will be drawn on June 1 at 9am (Swedish day and time).

The main goal for this month of May is to preserve all those special memories.  I really hope that you have time to join us by scrapbooking away.

Happy Scrapbooking fellow crafters!

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me.  Now don't forget to hop in at Claire and Joan's blog candies coz who knows you might win all the prizes.  Remember, the more entries you make the more chances of winning. 

First Prize : a scrapbook album that fits 12 x 12 cardstocks

Second Prize : Spring Kit + Summer cardstock pack

Third Prize : Winter Kit


geraldina8 said...

Thanks for the idea of a blog candy..it's gonna be fun for all of us...

i have started on a project and am posting it as part of my entry.



Noted Gie =) Thanks for participating once again.

geraldina8 said...


geraldina8 said...

here is the 2nd page to signify the 2nd entry.......


Gie, please follow the rules so it will be easy for me at the end =) Hugz!

liargao said...

Day 4

liargao said...

this will be my contribution, thanks for the chance to win.

Day 4 Traditional


thecraftyladybug said...

Day 1, Traditional, 12x12 Single Page

geraldina8 said...

May 6, 2010
here is my 3rd entry.
a traditional page on 8x8

number of points : 3


did i do it right? let me know..

geraldina8 said...

May 10, 2010

another entry:

- A 40 paged mini-album
- tradittional

point equivalent - 3 points

total points to date - 6 points


Ardilla said...

Hello, Jerosha!
I'm giving you the links to my three first entries for this challenge-candy :)




I think you already saw them at multiply, but you can see them at blogger too :)


Hi Adriana =) Thanks for posting your entries here, too =)

thecraftyladybug said...

Day 2
Traditional, 12x12, Single page


geraldina8 said...

its been a week since i made something. Election week in my part of the globe, i got so distracted. But since it is over, am back to by craft room... here are my creations...

traditional 8x8..4 points

total points to date ....10 points


thecraftyladybug said...

Day 3
Traditional, 12x12, Single Page


geraldina8 said...

This baby book is for a friend, I am trying to get her to start scrapbooking too. Utilizing as much materials that can be found locally...

traditional 8x8
2 lay outs .. 2 points
total points to date....12 points


thecraftyladybug said...

Day 4, 12x12, Traditional, Single Page


Maryann said...

Day 20, but it has taken 3 days to make it all. Tradirional scrapbooking.
And here it finally is, my very first attempt in scrapbooking:
I hope, you´ll like it and will let me know, if there´s any mistakes done or just something, I could have done better? I´ll be greatfull for any advise at all, about this.

geraldina8 said...

i have 2 more entries for today,,

traditional 8x8 - 2 points
total points to date is 12 points



Woot! Woot! Soon this month will end and we will know the winners. Thank you ladies for posting your creations here and at my Multiply. Tallying will be from my Multiply site =)

thecraftyladybug said...

Day 5,12x12, traditional, single page


thecraftyladybug said...

Day 6
12x12, Traditional, Single Page


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