A Big Help From My PRYM Flower Loom

While everybody was celebrating Mother's Day last week, I on the other hand got busy nursing my son from Sore Eyes.  It was really a bad week coz it hurts when you see your son suffering especially when a child can't see clearly.  It drove me nuts coz he just had his chicken pox for a week then he was able to go to school for one week and then the sore eyes for one week.  Alas!  He is well and he's back to school =)

Joseph is a kind of boy that when he is sick he wants mamma 24/7.  When I say he wants mamma, it means I have to be with him ALL the time plus he wants mamma to hug him while he's sleeping or watching TV.  I get to ecape only when I have to go to the toilet or be in the kitchen and of course when he is really deep in his sleep.

DH knows that I'm trapped and he knows that I have to do something while I'm beside Joseph.  So he got home one day and bought me a Flower Loom.  When I saw his gift, I literally dropped my crochet hook and check the gift.  Yeah, I was crocheting during the first day Joseph got his sore eyes.  But the rest of the week, I got busy with my Prym Flower Loom.

Let me inform you about Flower Loom.  First of all Flower looms are a simple way of making many different types of flowers which you can use singly or join together to to make clothes and accessories or to decorate anything.  In my case I plan to use the flowers to decorate packages, summer hats, purses, scarves, paper crafts and many other things. Check out Joan's latest handmade card coz she embellished her card with a flower using a flower loom.  I have no time to create anything as far as paper crafting is concerned but will do that when my hands are not full here at home.

The most common looms are round plastic with one or two sets of pegs, one set on the outer edge and one around the middle and we don't have that here in Uppsala.
There are many varieties and brands; Ronco, Prym, Knifty Knitter, Studio Twelve, Crazy Daisy wheel. The looms come in different sizes so you can make large or small flowers. Larger looms have double sets of pegs. You can use the outer set of pegs only or both the outer and inner set of pegs. Mine is from PRYM and it's a round loom with interchangeable pegs so I can create different designs in different sizes. Although it's round I can still make square flowers.  You simply wind yarn around the pegs of the loom and then stitch through the yarns on the loom to tie together.

Using different materials like chunky or thin yarn, fluffy or variegated yarn, thread, ribbon, string, wire or straw in different colours is a blast.  Beads can also be added as you make your flower but was not able to do that during my first try. To create a fringe edge one just have to cut the loops. 

There are few sites about flower looms but it all depends on which brand you have or you plan to buy.  To give you an idea how my Prym Flower Loom looks like:

Here are the flowers I made while nursing Joseph:

These flowers are the biggest size I can make using my Prym Loom. 
Size 10cm in diameter

These are about 6cm in diameter and I used double pegs ... 3 rounds of looping and 2 rounds for the inner flower

My Square Flowers ... 6cm .... 4 loops

Using 3 layers of pegs .... using different weight of yarns looped 2x.... also size 6cm

My version of pompom flower hehehehehehehehe looped 7x to achieve the fluffiness

My mini flowers ... size 3.5cm .... double looped

Hehehehehehehehehe my latest batch of crocheted flowers which I did on the first day Joseph got his sore eyes.  It's not so pretty but I love the blending of colors =)


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