Metal Name Tag for Our Dog

Ha!  Finally I found the tools this morning that I need in order to make a nameplate for our dog Kasper.  With so much things in my main craft room I accidentally found what I was looking for in ages.  Well, I guess this will be my last post for the day.  I have done my art journal for the day, the metal name plate, then I was able to organize my DMC/Anchor threads, then  - I will be able to sleep with a smile tonight knowing that I spent time in my craft room, connecting with friends and relatives at Facebook, and of course updating my craft site.  Tomorrow I plan to post projects I made last December 2013.  Due to topsy-turvy daily schedule I literally had no time in FB and my craft site.

Anyway, here's the metal name tag for our baby Kasper.  For security reasons I kind'a digitally erased the phone number.


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