Wood Burning : Kiddie Racquet and a Ball

Officially in Sweden Christmas celebration is over.  All trees were thrown and all plastic trees were packed.  The only remaining one will see in every house and garden are tiny lights to brighten the cold winter nights.  Before it was officially and celebrated the ending of Christmas season, I gave Joseph and his dearest friends a surprise toy each.  It was a last minute project because I wasn't sure if I have time to do each racquet ball.  Luckily, our little dog Kasper didn't crave for my attention and he instead just want to be in bed and sleep.

The materials I used of course I had to buy the kiddie wooden racquet and started drawing some funny faces that will somehow reflect each boy's personality.  I know for some they don't have to draw before wood burning but in my case I really want NO mistakes.  Anyway, the kids LOVE the surprise toy I made for each of them but sad to say two of them were nowhere insight that night when I picked up Joseph from his friend's house. . . . . . . and here it is:

 And here are few of the boys that night!


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