Making Charms for A Special Project

Ah, finally I have time this day to document what I have done this day =)  It sure is a nice feeling to be in your craft zone and let time fly knowing that at the end of the day you were able to accomplish something.

This afternoon while my son and his 2 bestfriends were busy playing outside, watching  a movie, eating snacks, and simply checking funny stuffs at you tube, I went on to my plan of making charms for my art journal entry at Journal 52.

A sneak peek were I used the charms:

Here are all the charms =)

 Here's how I did the set =)

Yes, every cardstock adhered on every pendant was hand-cut coz I don't have the exact size and shape of punchers  =(

 I used Barrel Swivel with Interlock Snap to hang each charm on my project.  I find it so cool and unique =)

I'm happy and fulfilled as I end this day.  Hhhmm, I'd better do some organization later while the night is still young.

Have a great week-end everyone and God bless!


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