LOOPDEEDOO Bracelet Machine

During my window shopping last September 2013, I saw in a craft store a Loodeedoo bracelet machine and it was the last one.  I grab it without knowing how it works and paid for it.  I have no time in making bracelets and I notice that friendship bracelet is beginning to be popular at my son's school.  I tried to browse the internet and here's what I found out from Anne Williams .. it says
"Design your own friendship bracelets then make them in minutes with the Loopdedoo™ spinning loom. It's fast, easy and fun. Just wrap your threads around the Loopdedoo device, turn the knob, guide the thread and minutes later you’re done! You can even make necklaces, anklets, belts and more. There's no pattern to follow so each accessory is completely different and unique, just like you and your friends. You can use as many threads and color combinations as you like and you can make them thick, thin or anywhere in between. The design possibilities are endless, so let your creativity be your guide."

What it says is true!  In minutes one will be able to make bracelets =)  Oh yeah, I did made a lot  in one sitting less than an hour for my son and his close friends plus my step-daughter, too.


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