Week 3 (Journal 52) - You Make Me Smile

So ashamed to say that this entry is really late because it was a difficult prompt for me.  The week's prompt is "You Make Me Smile" and as it was literally written at Journal 52 blog - "For this week’s prompt, I want you to think of the quirky, silly, happy things that make you smile or the people in your life that you love imperfections and flaws and all (because none of us are “perfect”.) A smile is a universal language each of us speaks – a simple gesture of kindness that can really change one’s day. Life is not always all smiles – but remembering the little things that make you smile can really help!"

I'm an easy to please person and smiling is free from me regardless what the season is plus my laughter is contagious as everyone says.  So, to pick one that makes me smile is DIFFICULT!  It will take forever for me to write down things and/or people and/or situations that makes me smile because everything is intertwined.  So, this day I made my last decision and I bet you can still clearly see that the glue is still wet as well as the paint hehehehehehehehe.

What makes me smile?  The answer is YOU!

You who is currently reading this =)
You who appreciates what I made for this entry =)
You who never forgets to leave some love and kindness =)


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