41st Card for Christmas 2010

St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas lived in the late third and early fourth centuries.Very little is known about his life. By the Middle Ages, however, he had become one of Europe’s most venerated non-biblical saints. In France and Germany more than two thousand churches carry the saint’s name, bearing silent testimony to the intensity of past devotions. St. Nicholas was the Christmas season gift bringer in parts of northern Europe. His legend and the customs surrounding it traveled to America with European immigrants. In the United States St. Nicholas was transformed into Santa Claus. His new American name evolved from his old Dutch name, Sinterklass. Although Nicholas’s popularity has declined considerably since medieval times, some Europeans still celebrate his feast day, which falls on December 6.

Materials Used:

CEB : Script Texture, Plum Blossoms from the Asian bundle, and Japanese Scales also from the Asian bundle
Snowflakes sequins
Sentiment by Slojd-Detaljer
MS Train border punch
Panduro Christmas band
Crystal Beads
Cartridge : A Child's Year


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