Anniversary Greetings to Orlis!

Oh my golly a great friend here at Multiply is celebrating her 5th year anniversary with a blast.  I'm so happy to have her as one of my friends and she surely creates lots of beautiful things eversince I have known her.

CONGRATULATIONS to you Orlis and cheers!  Wishing that we will stay friends as long as we live =)

Orlis has a simple request and that i say something about my world of crafting and here goes .....

1.  Crafting is not new to me coz I grew up in an artistic / creative parents.  While I was a little girl I was already amazed on color mediums and I always have that in my bag and bedroom.  With that being said, in college, my theses was textile designing and my designs were all colorful to the point that one big textile firm bought all my designs.

2.   I started expanding my craft  ..... and crafting seriously when I gave birth to my son last 2003.  When I say serious it means addiction hahahhahahhaha.  Living in a foreign land and not knowing a lot of people I opted to find something that will divert my mind from longingness back home to the Philippines.  That addiction grew really big and from that day forward my day is not complete without crafting.  It actually depresses me when I don't do crafting at all.

3.  I'm not really into cardmaking but once in a while I create few.  I'm more comfortable in creating unique things like recycling or something that needs altering and concocting a craft recipe.

4.  My craft room is small and every corner and nook is well occupated by craft materials and tools that I have an extension craft room at the basement.  Anything to do with paper crafting it's in my main craft room ... jewelry making, all kinds of needleworks and sewing, painting, altering are all being done at the basement.

5.  I'm one person when having a new tool like Gypsy, Cricut Expression, etc, is slow to act.  I use it when I have the urge and usually it will take months before I even try it hahahhahahahaha.  As of this writing, my gypsy is nearly a year older but have not been totally abused but as for my Cricut oh well it has been used and used and used only after a year of staring at it hehehehehehehhehehe =)

6.  I don't copy anybody's work coz for me that is a mortal sin in the world of crafting.  One can only be inspired and the execution is up to you.  It disgust me when I hear some crafters who just literally copy somebody's work!!!! It makes me so sad when someone would copy my work or be inspired with my creations without proper accreditation.  Usch!  making it look like and claiming it's your own idea but actually not repels me!!!!!  For me such person is not a crafter at all!

7.  I'm raising a son who is very creative in his own way and it makes my day complete when I see his artworks.  One thing he is so great with is art journaling and wishing I can do the same hahahahahahahah.

8.  I was once a cross-stitcher but gave it up when my dad died.  Every cross-stitch project  I did has a story to tell and to this day I have no guts to post any of it coz by just typing down the story behind on each project really makes me cry most of the time. 

9.  Jewelry making I have done that a long time ago together with my mom.  We would always create a jewelry set to match our clothes especially when I have a party to attend to.  I have given up such craft after my mom died and it's only this year ... this festive season that I'm making beaded accessories in honor of my mom =)

10.  People who come to my site and leave love and kindness makes me feel complete.  For me it surely is a sign of great respect.  Usually those who drop by in any of my craft sitesand never leave a message at all are usually those who copy hahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  May God bless them with true meaning of creativity =)

Some of you really know me very well but I still would like to throw a question to all of you ....
What do you think I am best with when we talk about my crafting?
Love you guys!


Lourdes said...

recycling for altered art??

fernando said...

Jerosha Hello!. a special greeting from Bogota, Colombia! I was fascinated by everything you tell us your story of life and your craft .. although it is said that art is expression, your history shows and teaches us that art is really the most beautiful way of life .. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story and hope that at last we share this work as soon pending heal your sadness ... hugs from Bogota,
Sincerely... Fernando Ardila. www.octopusart.multiply.com.

Hola Jerosha!!. Un saludo especial desde Bogotá, Colombia!!. Me fascinó todo lo que nos cuentas de tu historia de vida y tu artesania.. si bien se dice que el arte es expresión, tu historia lo demuestra y nos enseña que el arte en verdad es la mas bella forma de vivir.. gracias por compartirnos tu historia muy hermosa y esperaremos que al fin nos compartas esos trabajos pendientes tan pronto tus tristeza sane... abrazos desde Bogota,
Cordialmente, Fernando Ardila. www.octopusart.multiply.com

Maryann said...

What are you best with about crafting? That is really simple to answer sweetie, it´s : Crafting ha ha ha
I´ve never seen anything ever, that you wasn´t good at, but I know, you always used to say you preffer the altering and recycling more than anything, but you ARE good on everything you ever touch, that´s for sure, and you´re always such a big inspiration to everybody else around you as well. I´m very proud to call myself your friend sweetie, that´s for sure, and may it last a lifetime hun.

Ana said...

El rally del 5to aniv del baul de andrea ha sido una estupenda oportunidad para conocer a muchas personas que como yo compartimos la misma pasion!! El amor SIEMPRE nos mueve!! Saludos!!

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