35th Card for Christmas 2010

Church Bells

As Christianity spread throughout Europe, Christian leaders slowly began to adapt bell-ringing traditions to Christian worship. Like the Romans, they used bells as a means of making public announcements. Since they wanted these announcements to carry over longer distances, they began casting large bells in addition to the smaller hand-held bells known since ancient times. They mounted these larger bells in high places and sounded them by the pulling of ropes or other devices. In early medieval times monasteries began ringing  bells to announce the start of religious services. By the tenth century churches throughout Europe, from cathedrals to tiny rural chapels, were equipped with bells for the same purpose.

Noticed some strangeness with the bells?  This is one of the moments when I tried using embossing creme.  Although it did not all puff I still love the effect.  The paper roses were done with the help of Sizzix 3D flower dies and the music sheet as the background was bought at CCHobby.  I also used stickles =)


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