A Big Sorry BUT with a Good News :(

It has been months since I did posting here at my blogger site and to that I'm so sorry for myself and to all of you.  Although I have very few followers here as compared to my multiply site well both sites has been abandoned.  Everyone has its own reasons for doing this but in my case after our trip to Spain I got totally busy helping DH in his sadness then my son and I went to Denmark to visit a great fellow crafter who which became close to me since 2007.  We have never met in person but almost everyday we would talk at cyber and support each other in any of our endeavors.  Can you imagine the excitement i felt seeing her for the first time?  It was a lovely week with her and her whole family not to forget the trip to legoland  and lots of craft hunting and shopping everyday.

When we got back from Denmark I had to help DH in our companies to the point that I have to give up my crafting for a while.  My birthday passed and literally got lots and lots of packages all filled with craft goodies that I ever wanted.  Thanks to my sweet hubby =)

I was told by hubby the other day that I can be a SAHM mom again by next week but that statement changed yesterday evening.  I actually have to help him in our companies at least 2 hours everyday since we are in need of staff.  We have been unlucky in hiring people and as soon as our staffing is stable then I can be again SAHM.

Anyway, the good news is that the flowers I made using flower looms is a success.  Well, I have transformed those medium size flowers into brooches.  Guess what?  I got an order of 100pcs per color = 900 pcs!!!!  Duh?!  A store would like to have the brooches by start of Spring 2011. 

Although it's a close deal already, I'm still negotiating the number of pieces.  I know myself and I will definitely be stressed in creating the flowers plus I get bored doing the same thing over and over again hahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahaha.

Crossing my fingers that they will agree on 30pcs per color but I have a feeling they will huggle to 50pcs per color hahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha.

Now, the samples you see in the picture are all sold out since I got back from Denmark trip.



liargao said...

aw..nice to see you back =)

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