2nd Time with UTEE : Puzzles and Stamping

Ha!  I'm quite happy with my second time around to play with UTEE but I avoided using any moulds or cookie cutter this time coz I don't want to be frustrated again.   Interested to see my failed first UTEE play?  Then simply click http://scrapbookingwithjerosha.blogspot.com/2010/09/failed-utee-pendant-project.html Will just try working again with mould and cookie cutters later tonight if I have time.

I'm free from work today but got a heavy date with the washing machine.  I will try my best to create anything this day either tutorial or just simply playing.  I know I have to clean my craft zone but that can wait ... as always bwahahahahahahahaahhaha.

Let's go back on my UTEE 2nd play.

Joseph has a lot of puzzles in different sizes and so I asked him which ones he doesn't like anymore.  Ooooohhhh I got 4 sets that he doesn't like coz some bits are missing which is then perfect for me to play with it.


Puzzles ( made of thin wood)
UTEE embossing powders (gold, black, and bronze)
Embossing ink pad
Heat gun
Rubber Stamps by Panduro, Slojd-Detaljer, Rubber Stampede, and Laura Ashley
Art Metal Paints (Pewter, Antique Gold, Bronze)
Perfect Pearls ( Kiwi, Blue Smoke, Rust)
Note:  Always work with craft mat like the Teflon baking sheet

Since it's just a trial due to curiosity, I took only 6 pieces of puzzle.

  • I dab embossing ink pads on each puzzle.
  • Sprinkled it with clear UTEE then melted with the help of heat gun.  Did this step 3x.
  • While still hot I stamped the image using rubber stamps and let it stand leaving the rubber stamp on it.  I would like to stress rubber stamps coz if you use acrylic stamps it will ruin your precious stamps.
  • After a few minutes I removed the rubber stamp gently.
  • You may end from here but if you want to add shimmers then brush each with perfect pearls and paint the sides and back with metallic colors of your choice.
 See I told you I'm just quite happy coz I lost control with my heat gun on the very last puzzle.  
I know I can re-melt it but too sleepy late last night. 

I love how UTEE captured every small detail of each stamp =)


ails said...

very nice Jewels. I gotta research what that UTEE means! haha and if we have it here. :D

JEROSHA said...

It's been along time since i used/played with UTEE. I might find time playing with for this craft month celebration :-)

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