Abstract With Acrylic Paints

Tired of the usual cardstocks you find in the market?

Can't find the right cardstock?

Want something different for your layout?

Or maybe you just want to create something to frame ?

Then gather your favorite colors of acrylic paints, white cardstock or painting pads for artists, old credit card and let's play =)

I used pearlescent acrylic paints by Studio so my artworks shimmers =)
In every abstract you make, brings wild imagination when looking closely =)

 Drop some paints on your cardstock ....

Using your old credit card begin to swipe the colors in any direction.

When satisfied, let dry!


Clemencia said...

How awesome! we scrapbookers need more tutorials like this :) thanks so much


Thank you so much Clemencia =) You have no idea how you made me smile for leaving some love and kindness!

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